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VismoX makes THE instructor’s job a little easier

Finally you can coach your users by using the combination of watt and heartrate, for the most accurate intensity based workouts.


create intensity profiles, EASY!

The instructor tool allows you to create custom intensity profiles for each class. By combining the intensity zones in varying orders and intervals, you will be able to create exactly the intensity profile that suits your clients. The system supports custom intensity scales (five zones).

The instructor tool has a very intuitive user interface and playback for end users.


If your fitness center has power meter indoor bikes, the VismoX system offers the unique possibility of climbing Alpe d’Huez or any other stage inside the cycling studio. In the VismoX Route Maker you can create a route from your local area or from anywhere in the world. Ride as a controlled instructor led group or as a realistic competition. The advanced VismoX formula for competition takes into consideration elevation, weight, power and other factors when calculating the speed of the participants.